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About Hilda

Who is Hilda Rosario Escher?

Hilda is an expert in crisis recovery who works with individuals and families of all backgrounds. As the CEO of the Ibero American Action League in Rochester, Hilda worked with families in crisis, every day, for decades. When these individuals and families needed affordable housing, affordable healthcare, affordable childcare, and employment, Hilda sought out resources from the state for assistance. Because of Hilda, thousands of individuals and families were led to a path of successful independence.

Under Hilda’s leadership, a multi-agency resource center with more than 30 state and local organizations came together every week for months to assist individuals and families who were devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Hilda doesn’t pretend to have the experience that’s needed to make things happen in Albany for the greater good of our community. She has it. She’s done it.

  • NYS Senate Women of Distinction 56th District (’12).
  • ATHENA International Award (’19).
  • Member of the NYS Council Women and Girls Steering Committee.
  • Member of the NYS Child Care Task Force.
  • Member of the Empire State Development Board of Directors.

CEO – Community Leader – Advocate.

As a state senator in the 56th Senate District, Hilda will continue to bring back resources to our community.

Why Vote for Hilda?

Hilda’s experience speaks for itself. She doesn’t need to create the image of having experience in creating jobs, supporting businesses, advocating for programs and resources to help RCSD students and families, creating affordable housing, and other areas because she’s actually done the work and has the results. Families who struggled and are now strong because of Hilda’s leadership will tell you that. Students who finished school and went onto college will tell you that. Small business owners who are now thriving because of Hilda’s work will tell you about her experience and results.

Hilda has been successful in bringing millions in state funding to Rochester for much-needed programs and she will always advocate for all of us, because that’s who Hilda is.

If you know Hilda, you know what she can do. If you don’t know Hilda, it’s time you do.


Leadership That Delivers

1000 +
Increased number of individuals and families served
$ 350000
Increased services for individuals with disabilities
0 %
Parent engagement and student attendance rate at award winning early childhood center, recognized locally and nationally for its successful results
Increased the number of jobs


Child Care

With two children and three grandchildren, Hilda knows no parent should have to choose between employment for their family’s future and adequate care for their children.

Hilda is a member of the New York State Child Care Available Task Force that is comprised of experienced individuals from the childcare community. Together, they are working on developing solutions that will provide access to affordable childcare. Hilda's is advocating for child care tax credits and universal childcare.

Under Hilda's leadership as president and CEO of Ibero, the Early Childhood Services division experienced a parent engagement and attendance rate of 95 percent. This division became both a local and national model for other organizations, whose leaders visited to learn how to replicate the award-winning program. Parents were able to work full-time, return to school, conduct and secure employment, and achieve many other goals because of this program.


When it comes to education, and ensuring that all children from all backgrounds have access to quality programs and resources, Hilda has worked with hundreds of families, dozens of school leaders, community activists, and others to help children do well in school.

Hilda has helped families navigate and accomplish their goals in the Rochester City School District. She has advocated for an increase in special education services, she has supported teachers in their efforts to be in charge of what happens in the classroom, and she has called out school leaders who don't have the best interest of children as their priority.

Despite the challenges, Hilda never gave up on these families and still continues to hear their concerns and guide them today.

The results from Ibero's award-winning Early Childhood Center under Hilda's leadership: children developed and improved their motor skills, learned how to speak and read, established socialization skills, and were prepared to begin school upon their "graduation."


Small Businesses

Throughout her career, Hilda has helped lead the effort to establish and implement training programs to support small business owners. This work has also included providing access to financial resources and training programs to teach business owners about best practices.

Under Hilda's leadership, Ibero established a new Language and Cultural Services program to help local businesses. Through this program, Ibero secured translators and interpreters for businesses, provided staff to conduct cultural diversity training, and offered Spanish classes to professionals.

For more than 30 years, Hilda has worked with people of all backgrounds and all party affiliations - for the greater good of our community. She doesn't have to promise to do this at the state level, because she's already been doing it for three decades.

Economic Development

Under Hilda’s leadership and with her direct input, Ibero developed partnerships with dozens of agencies and organizations to help build a stronger community for everyone. This includes implementing job training and financial literacy programs for youth and adults.

Hilda has already done-and will continue to do-what many others promise to do. In addition to having the real experience of implementing job training programs, Hilda has overseen the development and implementation of successful housing programs. Under these programs, new and affordable housing became possible for families in some of the most distressed neighborhoods in our community.

Hilda and her team at Ibero also oversaw the local response effort to families impacted by Hurricane Maria. This involved a multi-agency effort that brought together more than 30 local and state agencies. Each agency was assigned a specific issue to address, and under one roof (provided by Ibero), staff worked with individuals and families to help them find housing, employment, schooling, and healthcare.


With more than 30 years of living and working in Rochester, Hilda personally knows how many families have struggled with finding affordable housing.

Under Hilda's leadership at Ibero, affordable housing became a reality for hundreds of families over her career. Examples include the development of new apartments, providing families the ability to secure an apartment or buy a home, and learning how to successfully maintain it.

When Hurricane Maria devastated families, who were left homeless and with only a few belongings (if any at all), Hilda met with many of them here in Rochester, connected them to resources, and would often times pick them up herself and take them to see an apartment or to an appointment.


Mental Health​

As board president of the Rochester Psychiatric Center, Hilda witnessed the impact of hospital closures on individuals with mental health issues. As president and CEO of the Ibero American Action League, Hilda worked closely and extensively with individuals and families with mental health issues.

Hilda knows the type of programs and workers that are needed to address the mental health crisis in our region. She has worked with other organizations to ensure families have a place to turn to for support. Hilda has advocated for greater funding, additional workers, and programs that provide ongoing support.

At the state level, Hilda would take her experience for the past three decades and use it to work with others to create programs that provide support to individuals with mental health issues.


Hilda knows that we can do more to improve the quality of life for our seniors, many of whom become increasingly isolated without proper support systems around them.

Seniors need access to social activities, healthy meals, information related to Medicare/Medicaid, among many other things.

Under Hilda's leadership, Ibero's senior center thrived in all these areas and successfully provided support to participating seniors.

As the state senator in the 56th Senate District, Hilda will have her work as the foundation for addressing the concerns and needs of seniors in our community.


Finding affordable healthcare has become a serious and common problem. Under Hilda's leadership at Ibero, individuals and families were able to afford their prescriptions and medical visits because of Hilda's advocacy.

As someone who grew up poor, Hilda understands the challenges faced by so many families in our community.

During her time at Ibero as president and CEO, the Family Services Division established a health program and enrolled approximately 3,000 people.

In the division of Developmental Disabilities, which was once led by Hilda and increased support services and funding for individuals and families, new health programs were established to meet the needs of all consumers.

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Paid for by Friends of Hilda Rosario‑Escher © 2020