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About Hilda

Who is Hilda Rosario Escher?

Hilda is an expert in crisis recovery who works with individuals and families of all backgrounds. As the CEO of the Ibero American Action League in Rochester, Hilda worked with families in crisis, every day, for decades. When these individuals and families needed affordable housing, affordable healthcare, affordable childcare, and employment, Hilda sought out resources from the state for assistance. Because of Hilda, thousands of individuals and families were led to a path of successful independence.

Under Hilda’s leadership, a multi-agency resource center with more than 30 state and local organizations came together every week for months to assist individuals and families who were devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Hilda doesn’t pretend to have the experience that’s needed to make things happen in Albany for the greater good of our community. She has it. She’s done it.

  • NYS Senate Women of Distinction 56th District (’12).
  • ATHENA International Award (’19).
  • Member of the NYS Council Women and Girls Steering Committee.
  • Member of the NYS Child Care Task Force.
  • Member of the Empire State Development Board of Directors.

CEO – Community Leader – Advocate.

As a state senator in the 56th Senate District, Hilda will continue to bring back resources to our community.

Why Vote for Hilda?

Hilda’s experience speaks for itself. She doesn’t need to create the image of having experience in creating jobs, supporting businesses, advocating for programs and resources to help RCSD students and families, creating affordable housing, and other areas because she’s actually done the work and has the results. Families who struggled and are now strong because of Hilda’s leadership will tell you that. Students who finished school and went onto college will tell you that. Small business owners who are now thriving because of Hilda’s work will tell you about her experience and results.

Hilda has been successful in bringing millions in state funding to Rochester for much-needed programs and she will always advocate for all of us, because that’s who Hilda is.

If you know Hilda, you know what she can do. If you don’t know Hilda, it’s time you do.


Leadership That Delivers

1000 +
Increased number of individuals and families served
$ 350000
Increased services for individuals with disabilities
0 %
Parent engagement and student attendance rate at award winning early childhood center, recognized locally and nationally for its successful results
Increased the number of jobs


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